His & Hers Valentine’s Day Giveaway

His & Her Giveaway

His & Hers Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be tricky. Do you stay simple and buy flowers and candy, or do you find a pretty piece jewelry and something to remember the day by? While there are many gifts out there that will make your special someone feel loved, Picture Keeper Connect is the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.


Picture Keeper Connect offers the security that the memories with your loved ones are backed up and safe! It is ideal for the avid photo and video taker and anyone who wants to quickly have prints made from their phone. By simply plugging the Picture Keeper Connect into your smartphone, you can begin backing up your device and making room for new memories!


The best part of Picture Keeper Connect is that it’s compatible for both iOS and Android devices (find a full list of compatible devices here). So whether SHE has an iPhone or HE has an Android, both can enjoy the convenience of Picture Keeper Connect! That’s why this Valentine’s Day we are hosting a His & Hers Giveaway. Enter for a chance to win TWO Picture Keeper Connect 16GBs, one for him and one for her to enjoy!! It’s the perfect gift for everyone. Winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.


Ready to enjoy the ease of saving all your photos, videos and contacts? Use code BeMine18 at checkout for 40% Off Picture Keeper Connects.

His & Hers Giveaway



  1. Just love picture keeper bought it after our trip to Cabo yeah needed to back up all the fun times! and continue to do so.

  2. I really have enjoyed my larger picture keeper and think these are wonderful gifts! Someone is going to be so happy to receive these smaller one to use with your phones! I hope it is ME!

  3. I love my picture keeper for my laptop and would love to get one for my cell phone. Simple to use and loves that it saves so many pictures!

  4. MessageIm really hoping to win because I desperately needed it before I crash my phone I love taking photos it’s my hobby and I’m running out of room on my phone

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