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Tech for Event Management
Advents in Technology that are Transforming Event Management Industry

Guest Blog by MaxiMillion. Whilst a small and informal gathering at a friend’s place might not make you think about the arrangements that need to be made, but making arrangements for a business conference, a festival, a formal party, music concert, a public ceremony, or convention can be a daunting task….

Big Fake Wedding & Photo App | Picture Keeper

We recently had our second experience with The Big Fake Wedding as a featured vendor this past week. We met new vendors as well as lots of upcoming brides and grooms! The event was held at Three Taverns Craft Brewery in Decatur, GA which put a rustic and fun twist…

Share Your Photos

If you have ever planned or attended a special event, you know that lots of pictures are usually taken and shared between the guests. A personalized hashtag may be created, or pictures may be emailed or texted back and forth. This makes things complicated because it tends to take forever…