Resolution 2: Make Memories Using Picture Keeper Connect

Make Memories

Resolution 2: Make Memories Using Picture Keeper Connect

If your resolution this year is to make memories, we have the perfect product for you! Picture Keeper Connect is a simple solution to the dreaded “Out of Storage” message on any phone. It backs up photos, videos, and contacts so you can make room for more memories on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Best of all, you don’t need WiFi so you can take it everywhere with you on all your new adventures!


How Picture Keeper Connect can help with your resolution:

Picture Keeper Connect is the perfect way to save your photos & videos to ensure you will never lose the precious memories made! You can simply enjoy your memories & know you will have a way to remember them forever.

Backing up iPhone photos with Picture Keeper Connect

How it works:

  1. Plug your Picture Keeper Connect into any iOS or Android smartphone/tablet, Mac, or PC
  2. Select “Start Back Up”
  3. Once the backup is complete, select remove files from your phone

Now that you have a phone with available storage, you can begin taking photos of all your new memories!  Be sure you capture all of your favorite moments and back them up on your Picture Keeper Connect so you will have them for a lifetime. Learn more about Picture Keeper Connect here.


  1. How do I know if my USB is full? When I inserted it in my pc it immediately switched to a flashing red light and no opportunity to select anything

  2. Hallo PK. I have recently bought a PK Connect for Android. I need a connecting cable for my wife’s Samsung Galaxy A5 mobile ‘phone.

    Can you please suggest a compatible cable. I think her A5 has a C slot.

    I already have 2 of your PK m/cs and they work superbly with my laptop.

    Many thanks for your advice,
    Sincerely, Jack.

    1. Hi Jack! Thanks for reaching out!! We have a compatibility list that will show which devices are compatible with PK Connect for Android. Here is the list: If your wife’s Samsung phone does need a Type-C converter, we offer those as well! Here is a link to our Keeper Converter: If you have additional questions, our support team would be happy to help!

      1. Hallo, Julianne. Feb. 15. 2018.
        Many thanks for your kind reply. I notice that your Type C converter is priced in dollars and would like to know if you have an outlet

        in England. I should have said in my earlier note that I also have one of your PK connect m/cs + Type A connector.


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