Picture Keeper Software Update

Picture Keeper Software Update

We have updated our Picture Keeper software to make it even easier for you to backup your photos! Picture Keeper software has a new look and design with better functionality. Check out the new updates below:

1. Navigating the software is easier!

2. Easily search your photo libraries and files to backup!

3. Get an overview of the photos you backup and duplicates skipped after every backup and within your dashboard!

4. Select your favorite photos to create custom prints and personlized gifts that deliver straight to your door!

5. Find out more details on our new personalized print option here!

6. Print photos from your printer at home!

7. Select your favorite pictures to share with friends and family!

8. Email your photos or share them on Facebook!

9. Easily restore and transfer all of your photos back on your computer or on to a new computer!

We are constantly working on improvements to simplify your backup process. This software update is now available on your current Picture Keeper. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team (they’re great!) If you’d like to protect your memories, shop now! Sign up for the latest promotions, updates and trends here!


  1. So it says the new update is available on my Picture Keepers I already have, so once I connect it to my laptop or mobile phone the update will automatically pop up? Or do I need to install a software?

  2. I have a few Picture Keepers and am so very happy with how easy they are to use. Just when I think you cannot improve them any more you come up with something new to do just that’s! I love them! Good job Picture Keeper team! I am a believer!

  3. I have a Picture Keeper I bought off Groupon and would like to know if I will be able to update mine? I find it now hard to use and the update is suppose to help make it easier to use. When will the update be ready? Thank you for your help.

    1. Patricia S., The update is ready now! Simply update it in the App store as if you were doing a routine update and it will fix it for you 🙂

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