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5 DIY Mother’s Day Projects

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all of the great things our Mothers do for us. Just because many of us are still staying home most of the time, doesn’t mean you can’t make the day as special as you’d like! If you haven’t been able to go get…

National Day of Unplugging

Starting at sundown Friday until sundown Saturday (March 6th – March 7th), we’re celebrating the National Day of Unplugging by putting down our smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can find us outside exploring, playing games with family, and relaxing without the draw of the internet. Check out the bottom of this post for some ideas on how to spend today!

Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning

In case you missed the news in all of the Superbowl excitement, Punxsutawney Phil predicted that Spring is coming early this year! Time to get a jumpstart on some spring cleaning. Here are some tips for cleaning up the 5 most important rooms in your house! Kitchen: Fridge  The fridge…

How To Be Organized in the New Year

The new year is here and you know what that means… it’s time to start your New Year’s resolution! Whether it’s a healthier year, learning a new hobby, spending less money, or getting organized, there are endless options! If you find yourself wanting to be more organized year, we’re here…

13 Autumn Activities for the Whole Family

In honor of the first official week of Fall, here are 13 Autumn Activities for the whole family! 1. Rake up fallen leaves. The kids will love jumping into the pile of leaves, and you’ll clean up your yard at the same time! 2. Go apple picking. Planning a day…

Tools You’ll Wish You Had in School

School aged children, armed with their smartphones, have more access to information and helpful tools than we ever knew we needed. From apps to help you study to apps that will help with your math homework, Picture Keeper has made a list of all the neat tools you’ll wish you…

Making the Most of Your Android’s Camera

Your phone’s camera gets better everytime you upgrade, but trying to get the perfect shot can still be difficult. Picture Keeper pulled together the best tips for making the most of your Android’s camera. If you’re an Apple user, check out our blog post on taking Professional Looking Photos with…

Making the Most of Your Staycation

Make the most of your summer vacation. Here are some Staycation ideas for the whole family! Like our blog? Consider following us on social media!

How to Take Professional Looking Photos on Your iPhone

Taking professional looking photos used to require expensive equipment and fancy editing tools, but not anymore. Anyone can take beautiful photos and all you need is your iPhone! Here’s how to get the most out of your iPhone photography!

American Flag
Remember the Fallen this Memorial Day

In honor of these men and women, Picture Keeper would like to remember the origin of Memorial Day.